How a Gold Refinery works

Customers often ask our team how our refinery works. We went straight to the source – our refinery team! I spoke with Bill – Brisbane Gold Refinery furnace team leader to explain how the refinery works and how this benefits you.

Once gold has been received by the Brisbane Gold Refinery team, the gold is transported to a secure location where it is processed into its purest form using methods smelting and refining.

The gold is first liquefied in a hot furnace. During this process, chemicals are added to the molten substance to separate gold from any other metals finally resulting in pure gold! This pure gold can then be used again for a range of different things such as new jewellery, electronics and more!

Bill also mentions that many local jewellery makers purchase the pure gold for the purpose of making new jewellery. There has also been large quantities of pure gold shipped overseas, such as China for use in electronic devices such as iPhones and game consoles. “Gold refineries play a very important role for many industries that use gold in their components. Gold is a valuable substance and the big industries come to us for gold. Demand for gold is continuing to increase which makes your gold even more valuable!”

Molten Gold

“Selling your gold to Brisbane Gold Refinery is the best way to maximise returns on your gold as we are the refinery. The gold you sell to us is delivered directly to our furnace!”

Brisbane Gold Refinery is open 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Call 1300 88 79 02 today to speak with one of our gold professionals.